LED Hospitality Solutions



  1. Create a safe bright environment
  2. Change the mood of the venue without costly remodeling.


Hotels have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of the LED revolution.  With this in mind LED is still the right solution.  Creating a desirable atmosphere inside and out is easily achieved because LED’s come in multiple colors to set the mood.  Ambient lighting be bright and modern Cool Light, or Natural light, but can also be warm light when the mood is desired.   Outside LED lights have numerous uses.  Aside from lighting up the parking lights with bright cool colored light that invites guests to a safe bright environment,  there are also multiple inexpensive methods of adding color and pizzazz to a building without a major, costly remodel.   

Savings and Benefit

Saving is the main driver behind “Why LED” but in the competitive hotel industry its occupancy rate that is foremost on the mind of shareholders.  .

Conventional HID High Bay Light
LED XAM area light (199 LEDs, Type 3 and 4 reflectors) on 25′ poles
LED XAS pedestrian scale (70 LEDs, Type 2 and 3 reflectors)_on 14 poles
LED XAM area light (199 LEDs, Type 3 and 4 reflectors)

Light Distribution sheet