High Bay Lights


The Nu Helios High Bay lights have many more advantages than just energy efficiency.  High Bay lights are most commonly used in warehouses, gymnasiums, and other areas that require major amounts of light. 

This is why 400-1000 watt Mercury Vapor and HID lights are used in the light fixtures.  These High efficiency lights burn at temperature’s well over 4000 degrees, because of this, the bulb is very sensitive to vibration and sudden temperature changes. 

These are just 2 of the many enemies that shorten the life expectancy of the bulbs and why the advertised life span of the bulb seams to never be reached.  With the NU Helios High Bay Light, the solid-state high efficiency light is immune to drastic temperatures, vibrations and jolts. 

Savings and Benefit

Efficiency with lights can be measures in the amount of light (lums) per watt produced by a bulb.  For example, the incandescent is one of the least efficient at about 10%, while some HID move into the 20-30% capabilities, the NU Helios High Bay light operates at 95% with  95+ lums per watt being produced.  Because of this efficiency, the savings you are able to capture using this light is quite substantial and the because of its stability, they are sure to live up to the advertised life expectancy. Please see the savings chart below:


Factory, warehouse, stire, parking lot, parking garage, super-market, ect


High Bay LED Light


Conventional HID High Bay Light LED Equvalent Production Code Annual Savings Lifetime Saving
200 watt HID   80WHIBAY $133.59 $1,335.90
250 watt HID   140WHIBAY $129.94 $1,299.40
300 watt HID   140WHIBAY $148.19 $1,481.00 
450 watt HID    160WHIBAY  $195.64 $1,956.40 

Also available in black chrome.

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