The EVO down light series which is the equivalent to the PAR  (parabolic aluminized reflector) bulbs and a one to one replacement for canister and  down lights.  Commonly used in restaurants, hair salons, and homes the EVO down light series is a great investment with a full return on investment in less than 2 years.  Most people have now seen LED lights and might have a misconception of color they emit.  Because of the cost, high volume stores are keeping limited options in stock and have chose mainly cool white.  Cool white is one of 3 colors EVO offers, though appropriate for many uses, this color has created a stigma that LEDs are only a cutting, bright light that is recognizable.   Being recognized is not a bad thing, but we need to stress that the desired/appropriate color is available at National LEDs.  Please use the below chart to determine the right bulb.

Traditional Light LED Replacement Light Product Code Annual Savings Per Light Lifetime Savings Per Light
40 watt PAR  20 Incdcnt 6 Watt 420 Lum Flood Light 6WFLD (WW, NW, CW)



65 watt PAR 30 Incdecnt 12 Watt 1100 Lum Flood Light 12WFLD (WW, NW, CW)



100 watt PAR 38 Incdecnt 18 Watt 1900 Lum Flood Light 18WFLD(WW, NW, CW)