National LEDs Launches Nu Helios Outdoor Signature Lighting Series

National LEDs market development team has finished phase one of their Nu Helios Signature Lighting Series.   Nu Helios launches with solutions for every outdoor need. Nu Helios Garden and Park line is not just beautiful and sophisticated, they also set the industry standard for efficiency.  Each light in the garden series has an option motion sensor.  The lights will operate at 50% of power until activity is sensed immediately triggering full power.  At continuos full power our lights will save up to 85%, with the motion sensor option included, the lights can exceed 90% more efficient. Nu Helios Street and Parking lot lights are designed to withstand the most severe weather.  All Nu Helios lights are engineered to function optimally in weather from -15 degrees to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.   Nu Helios lights have a complete ROI based off energy savings on average in 2 years with 10 hours of average daily use. Nu Helios also has an entire spot light, wall washer and and submersible fountain lights to create enhance and beautify any building and scape.   With programable RGB options, you have complete control to make any building inviting and exciting with minimal investment. The Nu Helios tunnel and canopy lights are another winner.  Our canopy lights come with the motion sensor technology that allows lights at gas stations and bank drive throughs to operate at 50% of strength until a customer pulls in for use.  The multiple settings not only save additional energy, but also extend the life of the light with lower demand on all components of the unit.  

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