National LEDs has been consulting and providing energy saving solutions and products since 2004.    


National LEDs is passionate about being a leader in the LED lighting revolution and making energy wasting traditional lighting technologies obsolete through the use of energy-efficient, environmentally friendly LED lighting.


National LEDs uses only market- leading lighting-class LEDs and LED fixtures.

Vision in Action

National LEDs was founded on the vision of providing the world’s best light.

Partners not Customers

National LEDs sincerely believes that each company that is by traditional definition a customer of National LEDs is a partner. Partners have a fiduciary responsibility to do what is right for one another and is bound to those actions. National LEDs will only recommend, provide and install solutions that make good, sound business sense. As partners, our goals of profitability will only be achieved with ethical responsible sales that are mutually beneficial.

The National Team

National LEDs believes our continued success lies in teamwork. We believe in the opportunity to innovate, learn, and develop together. We are committed to being a team that attracts and retains only the best talent that will embrace and protrude our goals.

Winning Together

We believe that winning is everything and our goals can only be attained with the help of consumers and the business community. Each partner that purchase our solution, has chosen the most economical, environmentally responsible solution available which puts us all one step closer to our ultimate goal.


At National LEDs our success is measured one light at a time. We truly believe that light is life. Our team will assess and deliver only the best, most effective, appropriate solution that meets our partners business needs.